What Arkeus offers

Arkeus wide area autonomous optical search and surveillance systems are optimised for surface sensors, aircraft or drones conducting a range of missions including ISR, border protection, city size surveillance, force protection, counter terrorism, illegal activity monitoring or search and rescue.
Arkeus optical surveillance systems operate across land, sea and space domains - specialising in extracting critical intelligence and surveillance information, and disseminating that data in challenging or contested environments.
Our Products

Accelerating decision-making through the fusion of optics and autonomy.

Speed is the foundation to save lives, to compete and win, and to ensure security.
Arkeus leverages world leading expertise in optics and autonomy to enable information to be extracted, exploited and interpreted, faster - to improve security and to save lives.
Our Mission


Creativity through collaboration


Tomorrow's challenges resolved today


Deliver what we say, when we say.


Arkeus brings together a team of the very best in our field. We encourage a mix of youth and experience – balanced to ensure we continue to push the envelope, but to do so in a way that respects the challenge of the field in which we operate.
Our Leadership team combines over 40 years of experience in autonomy and optics.
Open Positions

Simon Olsen


Over 12 years of experience working in Defence industry and autonomous optical systems.

Dr Jon Nebauer


Several degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Physics and 12 years’ experience in autonomous software and hardware system design and integration.

Romain Portier


Over 15 years experience leading the execution of complex engineering and software projects at Defence Prime Thales.