Accelerating Decision Making
through the fusion of optics and autonomy.

Speed is the essence.

To save lives. To compete and win. To ensure security.

Speed matters most.

Arkeus leverages world leading expertise in Optics and Autonomy to enable information to be extracted, exploited and interpreted – faster – to improve security and to save lives.

Any domain
Any environment

Customised and optimised to operate in the most adverse conditions, against the most determined enemy, and with minimal to no human involvement. Our job is to extract the hardest to get information from the most challenging environments – quickly.
Contact us to understand how we might customise our ARK advanced Artificial Intelligence data cube to extract the information you need to execute your mission faster.





ARK artificial intelligence

All of our systems leverage our ARK advanced Artificial Intelligence data cube to vast amounts of information at the edge - exploiting and disseminating Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) information products back to our customers. ARK is customisable to meet the specific needs of your operation. ARK provides the outcome you’re looking for, without the over-engineering of traditional Defence systems. ARK’s customised artificial intelligence enables the system to be rightsized to the mission.

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